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A human player and two computer players play as the skat partners.
You can play in 3 modes

Rule Skat: follows the exact rules of  the Deutscher Skatverband (DSkV) set in 1999-01-01
Variations Skat: here deviations can be made, and common variations like German Kneipenskat can be played
Schieberamsch: follows a very popular (unofficial) variation of Skat called Ramsch (Schieberamsch if pass on is allowed)

The program can keep up with experienced players and provide surprises.

The main intent, however, was to create a learning aid for Skat beginners. Several
additional cross-game options are therefore offered, including:

  Breaking off and repetition of games
  Undo/redo of tricks
  Exposing the cards
  Exchanging the cards or of the hand
  Exchanging the skat stock
  Exchanging the suits
  Suggestions for possible games
  Suggestions to discard the skat
  Suggestions to play or follow the cards
  Manipulation of tricks
  Demonstration mode - the program as an automaton

From version 2.5 there are now sounds for various game situations

From version 3.0 the score sheet and the gambling table can be printed out
during the game in their current form. The full course of the game the game
can also be printed when it is finished.

From ersion 4.0 the program works in both German and English, with language
selected during
installation and/or during the running of the program.

From version 4.3 delayed game sections can be played out simultaneously.
This means that the program can also be operated within one of these sections
(e.g. it can be broken off during the dealing, during the bidding, etc.)

From version 4.5 improved installation (Standard User) and uninstallation
dedicated Remove)

From version 5.0 cards can be enlarged (zoom)
Support of visually impaired: zoom for card display
large print: skat deck 7
                                          highliting of mouse hover cards
                                          announcement of mouse hover cards
announcement of cards that are dealt

From version 5.1 Skat2000+ can be started several times.
The information for the course may be stored in the .skt file.
In the .skm file further 8 groups of attributes are saved.
Assignment of images.
When suggestion mode, displaying the max. recommended bidding value
in the status bar.

From version 5.2 the initial values can be saved in the file Skat2000+.reg
on the desktop. After a new installation you can insert the data (by
double-clicking on Skat2000+.reg) back into the registry. In this way,
previous program settings are transferred to the new version.
The log file Skat2000+.log can be created on the desktop.
Dragging the current match file (.skm, .sks) from the game table to another
media (desktop, explorer, email attachment, etc.) had to be moved form
Shift+ to Ctrl+ for technical reasons.
The game file (.skt) can be copied as before using .
The score sheet is now temporarily saved after each game being played.
After a crash, it is automatically restored from the temporary storage.
Suggestions for Kontra/Recontra can be received and displayed.
In the case of announcements (Game, Kontra, Rekontra) of the computer
players, the responsible rule number can be additionally displayed (can be
swiched off; causes cheat code 'S' because of betraying of status
Creation of a card statistics and display possibility.

From version 5.3, the protocol parameters can be interactively set and the
protocol can be turned on and off. The log can be displayed in a window
with scroll bars in real time.
When displaying the card and game statistics and the trick estimation the
values are shown color-coded in the context of assigned color intervals.

Version 5.4 fixes a following error (s) of Hh in overt games
(if the partner leads the trick and the the soloist trumps).
From 5.5, the redrawing of the game window is limited to the area
of the control buttons. This is done, when the coordinates for window
restauration (delivered by the runtime system) come from this area.
This effect occurs only on previous versions of Win10 and resulted in these
systems to flickering when moving the window or clicking on cards or
The rules of the Trick Estimation have been revised and supplemented. In
the Trick Estimate Table, the current attribute values of the rules can be
displayed using small pop-up windows.
At the players the Skat can be manual replaced again after their discarding.

From 5.6 the presentation of the playlist can be modified
In addition to the Suit and Grand games, Null and Ramsch games were
included in the display of the trick estimation.
Instead of 3 voices, there are now 6 voices (3 male, 3 female) to choose

From 5.7, person can cause a game to automatically end quicky. This
acceleration of a game makes sense if the further course of the game can be
foreseen prematurely.
The match score of the players can be displayed as an additional text field
near the player position (lower area of the profile images).
The trick counter is additional displayed in the 2nd field of the status bar.
The game suggestion can be extended to the computer players.

Version 5.8 fixes a bug when checking the 40% limit for passing out rules
From version 5.9, a click in the score sheet is column-oriented.
Version 5.9 fixes the error in the display: 'Last Trick' (If the size of
the gaming table is changed during the display, this leads to a confusion
of the cards display and loss of cards).
An image can be assigned to the background of the main window (gaming table)

Skat2000+ now is available in version 5.9 and can be downloaded here


  SkatSetup-5.9_Win8-Win10    SkatSetup-5.9_XP-Win7 (2021-04-12)

    New:                Grand:            B Rule:  3420
                           Suit:               B  Rule: 1502
                           Auction:          Balloons can be switched off separately
                           Game:             Balloons can be switched off separately
                           Revolution:       K Rule:  6265
                           Display:           Background image (gaming table)
                           Suit:                RK  Rule: 2947 - 2950, 2938 - 1940
                           Suit:                K    Rule: 2993 - 2997, 2970
                           Null:                AN  Rule: NULL_RISK
                           Ramsch:          PO Rule: 129
                           Score Sheet:    Column-oriented help
    Correction:       Suit:                 Trick Estimation      
                           Grand:              Trick Estimation
                           Suit:                 TE Rule: 15, 22, 24
                           Revolution:        Game start (fatal lock)
                           Auction:            Abandon, if overbid
                           Ramsch:           Result (fatal MFC event)
                           Bierlachs:          Game level: Schneider announced
                           Cards:               Cards zoom improved
                           Declaration:       PERSON: Restore game levels
                           Auction:             PERSON: Mh, COMPUTER1 and
                                                                          COMPUTER2 pass out
                           Suit:                  Trick Estimation (Rule 25)
                           Suit:                  Behavior in throwing off (c)
                           Ramsch:            Check for Durchmarsch
                           Ramsch:            Discarding Skat
                           Ramsch:            Behavior in leading
                           Suggest cards:   The reservation of a
                                                    follow-up card is prevented.
    Playing Skill:    Bierlachs:          Status and result display
                           Grand:               R   Rule:  3227, 3228, 3144
                           Suit:                  RK Rule:  2991 - 2996
                           Grand:               ET  Rule:       8 (Safe Tricks)
                           Suit:                  B    Rule:  1519
                           Suit:                  Smear behaviour at Ouvert


  SkatSetup-6.0_Win8-Win10 (2021-12-26 beta4)

    Future skat versions:
    Created with the development environment Visual Studio 2015 (Win7 - Win10).
    Includes the redistributables (vcruntime140.dll, mfc140.dll) for 32-bit and
    64-bit systems.
Before the setup, the previous program should be uninstalled
    to remove obsolete files also.

    If Win7 systems are missing 'api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dl'l, you must
    download and install 'Universal C RunTime in Windows - Microsoft Support'.

  SkatSetup-6.0_XP-Win7 (2021-12-26 beta4)

Previous skat versions:
    Created with the development environment Visual Studio 6 (WinXP - Win10,
VS6 can only be used up to Windows Vista). Includes the redistributable
    (mfc42.dll) for 32-bit systems.

Preliminary version:

    New:                Suit:                      RK Rule: 2947, 2946
                           Suit:                      K  Rule: 2998
                           Score Sheet:          Ko -> <seat number>Ko
                           Cards Assingment: Ko -> <shorthand>Ko
                           Deal:                     Briefly display
                                                        cards unsorted
                           Revolution:             2 other variants
    Correction:       Grand:                   R  Rule: 3142
                           Score Sheet:          Display error with
                                                        Cheated and Kontra,
                                                        if Ra with Sb or Dm
                           Card:                     Rank check
                           Game:                   Repetition
                           Sound:                  External assignment
                           Ramsch:               Last Skat swapper
                           Revolution:            1, Game
                           Ramsch:               1, Game
    Playing Skill:    Grand:                  R  Rule: 3109, 3110
                           Null:                     R  Rule: 6011, 6012
                           Ramsch:               PO Rule:  133,  138, 150
                           Suit:                     RK Rule: 2947
                           Suit:                     RK Rule: 2938 - 2940
                                                       correctly adjusted
                           Suit:                     RK Rule: 2948 removed
                           Suit:                     TE Rule: 13
                           Suit:                     3, Trick Estimation
                           Suit:                     8, Game
                           Null:                     1, Discarding Skat
                           Ramsch:               1, Discarding Skat
                           Ramsch:              1, Game
                           Grand:                  9, Game


Older versions:

   SkatSetup-5.5_Win8-Win10    (07.11.2018)
   SkatSetup-5.6_Win8-Win10    (2019-12-20)
   SkatSetup-5.7_Win8-Win10    (2019-03-14)
   SkatSetup-5.8_Win8-Win10    (2020-07-07)

Alternatively, a virus-tested copy may be downloaded from the user forum of Heise Online

Skat2000+, Download bei heise


 moves and developments in gameplay

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